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🎭 Wreckage

📍 The Turbine Theatre, Arches Lane, Nine Elms, London, SW11 8AB

🗓 Thursday 19th January 2023



Wreckage is a beautifully sentimental exploration of grief and coping mechanisms that has been expertly written by Tom Ratcliffe and is sensationally acted by Ratcliffe and Michael Walters.

Sam and Noel have committed their lives to each other are in a loving relationship. Life is good until a freak accident leaves Sam alone and without his soulmate.

As Sam struggles through not just the grief process but life in general, he converses with Noel, or his version of Noel in his mind. He remains with him as we see Sam start a new relationship, have a child and grow old.

The play cleverly switches between the present day, past memories and the future and the acting throughout was sublime. Ratcliffe as Sam displayed emotion with heartfelt honesty and your heart broke for him on more than one occasion.

Walters played Noel as well as Sam’s new partner Christian and switches seamlessly between the two. Some of the switches are instant but Walters skilful acting means that this is easy to follow and he was utterly believable as both.

The play is stunning in its simplicity and the minimal set works perfectly. With direction by Rikki Beadle-Blair, Wreckage is a heartbreaking story beautifully told.

Production Image: Noel and Sam in an emotional moment

I am somewhat of an emotionless person in that I don’t tend to show emotion in public, but i I did shed a few tears throughout this play. The end though absolutely floored me. Tears were rolling down my face and I actually felt sick with emotion. This is a real testament to the writing, direction and acting portrayed.

The name of the production felt extremely apt as I was a wreck when I left the theatre!

Wreckage has now finished its run at The Turbine Theatre but surely there is a future for this Harlow Playhouse production. After success at last years Edinburgh Fringe, I believe that this show deserves a West End run.

I would be interested to see future works by Tom Ratcliffe.

Neill Kovacic-Clarke

All views are my own and I pride myself on being honest and free from influence.

Tom Ratcliffe and Michael Walters

The Turbine Theatre is on the banks of the Thames next to the iconic Battersea Power Station, founded and led by Artistic Director Paul Taylor-Mills.


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