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🎭 The House We Inherit

📍 The Bridge House Theatre, 2 High Street, Penge, London, SE20 8RZ

🗓 Saturday 25th May 2024



THE HOUSE WE INHERIT is the brand new play from Quid Pro Quo Theatre, written by Sarah Majland, who also stars in the piece.

The play follows the Wright family. Timmy lives in the family home, having been alone sine the death of his parents. He has a heart defect and only has a couple of months left to live. His adopted brother Kevin has also moved in to help care for him because of his declining health, and the situation has been made worse by Timmy breaking his leg.

Their somewhat estranged sister Helena then turns up and instantly there are signs of strained relationships and shared secrets. Helena has never spent more than a day in the house since her teenage years so why is she hanging around now? Why won't she sleep in her old room? And what is with her compulsive need to constantly be cleaning?

The introduction of Helena instantly adds intrigue to the proceedings and all the questions get answered in a powerful scene between the siblings.

The thing that stands out above everything else in this production is the sheer quality of the acting. Boyan Petrov as Timmy, Öncel Camci as Kevin and Sarah Majland as Helena are truly exceptional. In fact this is some of the finest acting I have ever had the privilege to encounter. It is truly an honour to witness such talent on a stage.

The intimacy of the venue helped to connect with the characters and when the fallout came, it was as if I was personally part of the family and I shared in the emotions of each character as they processed the truth.

The creative team have done well here too. Directed by the cast, they never forget that the audience are on three sides of the stage and it felt that no matter where you sat you would feel part of the action. All too often shows in setting like this can forget that they are surrounded by the audience and play everything forwards.

The lighting design was great with subtle changes working well, and the sound design felt exceptional. Whether it being the rain, thunder or departing vehicles, the entire sound design landed just right and were never overdone or overused.

Even the recorded dialogue over the almost sinister music playing on entry to the auditorium was genius, setting us up for what was to come without ever giving anything away.

The set design is also good here, perfectly utilising the small stage, but never overcrowding it or making the space feel cramped.

It's safe to say that as far as I'm concerned THE HOUSE WE INHERIT is a triumph. The script is well paced and engages the audience throughout. Mix this with the phenomenal acting on display and a technically brilliant production, this show is NOT TO BE MISSED.

THE HOUSE WE INHERIT is playing at The Bridge House Theatre until Saturday 1st June and I encourage you to go and see it. Click here for tickets and to find out about the upcoming shows at this venue.

Neill Kovacic-Clarke

All views are my own and I pride myself on being honest, fair and free from influence. Theatre is subjective and it is important to remember that all views expressed are just those of one reviewer. 

My ticket for this performance of The House We Inherit was gifted by the Quid pro Quo Theatre who invited me to watch the show in exchange for my honest review. The fact that my ticket was gifted played no part in the content of my review or the star rating given.


Boyan Petrov as Timmy; Öncel Camci as Kevin; Sarah Majland as Helena

RUNNING TIME (approx):

1 hour, with no interval


Descriptions of sexual assult against a minor; Use of bad language; Themes of loss


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