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🎭 Bugsy Malone

📍 Theatre Royal Plymouth, Royal Parade, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 2TR

🗓 Tuesday 18th October 2022



From the moment the music started you could feel the excitement in the audience. This is the first time that Bugsy Malone has toured and audiences have obviously been waiting a long time fot it!

Filled with everything you love from the 1976 movie, Bugsy Malone is full of splurge guns, custard pies and lots of razzmatazz!

Lead by a cast of children, this production gave the audience everything they wanted and more!

The roles are played by three different actors and on this occasion we were privileged to have team 'Doodles' entertaining us.

The standout star for me had to be Albie Snelson and his glorious portrayal of Fat Sam. For someone so young he had impeccable comic timing and his acting drew you in and made you instantly fall in love with his character.

The entire youthful leads were great and Gabriel Payne as titular character Bugsy Malone acted beautifully as did Desmond Cole as Dandy Dan.

Jasmine Sakyiama gave a sublime performance as Tallulah and sang like a canary. Her performance of My Name is Tallulah was especially exquisite.

Mia Latham gave a strong performance as Blousy. She was believable throughout and the relationship between Bugsy and Blousey was played out exceptionally well.

Aidan Oti as Fizzy and Cherry Mitra as Lena / Babyface completed the competent young cast.

They were framed by an ensemble of adults who helped to bring the world alive. The performance of Fat Sam's Grand Slam had the audience jigging in their seats and Bad Guys was performed with joyous humour.

Other standout moments came from the car chase and the fight scenes which were executed wonderfully.

The choreography by Drew McOnie is great and Dance Captain Will Lucas obviously keeps a tight reign on the dances as they were on point and flawless throughout.

The direction by Sean Holmes is just right and Jon Bausor's set and costume designs work well.

Married together with lighting, sound and wigs, this production is not to be missed and will have you singing the songs all the way home!

Bugsy Malone is playing at Theatre Royal Plymouth until Saturday 22nd October. Head to to grab tickets for a great night out.

The production is touring until February 2023 and all show information can be found at

Neill Kovacic-Clarke

All views are my own and I pride myself on being honest and free from influence.

My tickets for Bugsy Malone were gifted as I was invited to the Press Night of this production to review the show.


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