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🎭 Robin Hood (That Sick F**k) 

📍 The Bread & Roses Theatre, 68 Clapham Manor Street, London, SW4 6DZ

🗓 Saturday 27th April 2024



Hot on the heels of their fantastic take on THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES, which I was lucky enough to see at last year's Camden Fringe, Baby Lamb Productions are back with another hilarious take on a classic story with ROBIN HOOD (THAT SICK F**K) and I was invited along at the weekend to watch and review the show at London's Bread & Roses Theatre.

Created by the cast, the play gets off to an extremely strong start as we meet the comically camp Robin Hood and his band of merry men. Portrayed brilliantly by Ashok Gupta, there was something cheeky, childish and instantly loveable about him and the energy levels across the company were in the stratosphere. It was almost like kids TV on steroids!

Bow and arrows are replaced by darts in this up to date take on the story, and Robin is perhaps more blood thirsty than expected, murdering any latecomers to the show - what a sick f**k!

The action flip-flops between the forest and a modern day police station where we find The Sheriff (Hannah McLeod) and her team, which includes the wildy narcissistic and self-assured DI Guy Gisbourne (Janik Rajapakse). Perhaps my favourite character, the self proclaimed 'chocolate stallion' has a personal score to settle as the love of his life has run off to join the Robin Hood. Her name is Maid Marion! (Sasha Brooks).

There is great multi-roling on display throughout as each cast member plays a role in the opposing teams. Jacob Baird is a pure delight as the unwitting criminal Father Tuck who has the audience crying with laughter as he is unwillingly rescued from his jail cell. He is hilariously hysterical as we learn that he is neither a priest or Irish! On the flip side, as PC Peter Connell he was wonderfully straight-laced, insisting his fellow police officers use the swear jar!

Chaotically comic throughout, there's a wonderful juxtaposition with the character of Alexandra Monroe who seems to be the only one rooted in realism as she is brought in to aid The Sheriff after she still hasn't captured Robin Hood after 10 years of trying, and Nisha Emich plays her with delightful precision.

Full of triumphant innuendo filled songs, a hero that is bumbling and completely oblivious to Maid Marion's affections, superb script writing, the same actor being killed over and over again, and oodles of charm ROBIN HOOD (THAT SICK F**K) is an undeniable hit.

There is no weak point in either the plot or the cast and the strength within this company makes Baby Lamb Productions, in my opinion, the best up and coming theatre production company and definitely one to watch. Find out more about them and their productions here and make sure you're following them on social media for updates.

Personally, I can't wait to see what's next from them.

Neill Kovacic-Clarke

All views are my own and I pride myself on being honest, fair and free from influence. Theatre is subjective and it is important to remember that all views expressed are just those of one reviewer.

My ticket for this performance of Robin Hood (That Sick F**k) was gifted by Baby Lamb Productions who invited me to watch the show in exchange for my honest review. The fact that my ticket was gifted played no part in the content of my review or the star rating given.


Hannah McLeod as The Sheriff / Scarlett; Ashok Gupta as Robin Hood / Bertie / Reporter; Jacob Baird as Father Tuck / PC Peter Connell; Nisha Emich as Alexandra Monroe / Gilly Big Jo / Dolly Doohickey / Reporter; Sasha Brooks as Maid Marion / Jen / Reporter; Janik Rajapakse as DI Guy Gisbourne / Little Willy

RUNNING TIME (approx):

1 hour, with no interval


Occasional bad language


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