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5 Reasons to see Jersey Boys in the West End

The smash-hit jukebox musical Jersey Boys is currently playing at the Trafalgar Theatre in London’s West End and follows the story of 1960’s fan favourite group the Four Seasons (later Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons) and is filled with a huge back catalogue of hits, including Rag Doll, Big Man in Town and Bye Bye Baby.

If you follow me on social media you will know that Jersey Boys is my comfort show of choice and every time I’m in London I’m sure to see it at least once, so when the team at London Box Office asked me to write about the 5 reasons to see my favourite show, there was no other choice, I had to write it about Jersey Boys!

1) The Music

Even if you think you don’t know the music of the Four Seasons, then you’ll probably discover that you’re a fan without even realising it! The group hit the big time in the 1960’s and provided the soundtrack to a generation that was breaking convention. The longevity of their songs is testament to how well received they were then, and they continue to be universally loved. As soon as the introduction to Sherry begins, a wave of nostalgia fills the auditorium as the magic begins.

Other songs such as Walk Like a Man, Big Girls Don’t Cry and Working My Way Back To You will be instantly recognisable to all audience members, regardless of age, as they are woven through our culture as they’re constantly used in movies and in adverts. December’63 (Oh, What a Night) is arguably the best known of all the songs, and is cleverly threaded throughout the show and used in the finale, where the entire audience are on their feet and having a party.

2) The Story

The story behind the clean cut image of the original foursome is one of highs and lows. They had a shocking connection with the mob, spent time in prison and received many artistic rejections before finding global success. There’s a run in with a sinister loan shark, the breakdown of romantic relationships, painful losses and the eventual disbandment of the group which are all handled with painstaking realism and sensitivity. The story is fast paced and engaging from start to finish. We first meet Frankie Valli at age 15 and follow him and the group through a tumultuous career, with the story ending in 2004, the year the musical first premiered!

The story is cleverly broken down into four seasons, with a different member of the group narrating each season. This gives you a chance to delve into each characters back story as we discover what brings them together and ultimately tears them apart.

3) Sensational Performances

One thing that keeps audiences coming time and time again to see Jersey Boys is the sensational cast. I have followed this musical for many years and have to say that the current West End company are the best I have ever seen. Luke Suri is absolutely incredible as Frankie Valli and brings the house down every night with his rendition of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You. The emotion he puts into Fallen Angel rips your heart out and although Jersey Boys marks his West End debut, I'm sure this isn't the last we'll see of Suri.

Bad boy and founding member Tommy DeVito should be quite unlikeable, yet the charismatic Peter Nash plays him in such a way that his self assured sarcasm is endearing, and even when he leaves the group with excruciating debt, he’s still appealing! Karl James Wilson gives a strong performance as Nick Massi and has a wonderful vocal tone which adds a glorious depth to the performances.

Declan Egan is commanding as the final piece of the puzzle Bob Gaudio. His vocals are beautiful and his performance of Cry For Me sends goosebumps through your body as the warmth of his voice fills the auditorium.

The ensemble and swings are all glorious, and no matter which actor is playing which role, you are always guaranteed a superstar performance from each and every one of them. This is definitely one of the strongest companies to grace any West End stage.

4) The Feel-Good Factor

The story is a real rollercoaster of emotions but one thing’s for sure, the high energy finale leaves you with the ultimate feel-good factor. There’s an old saying in theatre ‘It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish’ and Jersey Boys has everyone up on their feet singing and dancing at the end. Oh, what a night indeed!

5) It’s Closing Soon!

The Jersey Boys revival opened at London’s Trafalgar Theatre in 2021 and it has recently been announced that it will play its final performance on Thursday 4th January 2024. If you’ve never seen the show before, or fancy a return visit then there’s not long to grab yourself a ticket. Performances are daily at 7:30pm, excluding Sundays when the show commences at 4:00pm and Tuesdays when there are no performances. There are also two matinée performances each week on a Thursday and Saturday at 2:30pm. At these performances the role of Frankie Valli is played by Joey Cornish. Head to to secure your tickets before it’s too late.

London Box Office has the largest ticket inventory in the West End, with Black Friday deals of up to 40% off and tickets for Jersey Boys start from just £25.

Neill Kovacic-Clarke

This blog post was written at the request of London Box Office, however all the content is my opinion and is free from influence and is unbiased.

To the best of my knowledge, all details in this blog are correct at the time of writing.


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